SME’s Get a boost with ANT

Big Community was privileged to interview Stan Lee, CEO of Convedge. He shared with us his thoughts on Big Data Analytics in the email interview and also on the latest collaboration with Big Data company Fusionex.

1) Please share a little about Convedge and how do you differentiate yourselves in the market place.

The setting up of Convedge in 2010 was to formalise a long term partnership with Fusionex in providing Fusionex’s BigData Analytics (BDA) services to enterprises in Malaysia and some other countries in the region. Convedge, as a company, is very focused in helping its customers discover the potentials of using BDA in gaining new insights through their operations in maximising business efficiency and costs, as well as strategically in exploring new opportunities in the market. How Convedge differentiates itself in the marketplace is simply by becoming the value chain to both the end users and Fusionex. We achieve this by becoming the voice from the market, giving constant feedback for Fusionex to deliver what the market needs. This is how we have further developed Fusionex ANT for SME’s together with Fusionex.

Fusionex ANT for SME’s is a BDA backed comprehensive e-Commerce platform specially packed for the SME’s to achieve the following:

a) Assist the SME to build their very OWN online brand presence, instead of relying on common market place.

b) Assist and accelerate the SME eCommerce adoption cost effectively and effortlessly.

c) Assist all SME’s to build their own analytics platform from NOW.

Stan: Yes, we have been receiving overwhelming response from the market ever since we launched this initiative digitally on the 3rd of June, 2017. We understand a lot of SME business owners want to build their e-commerce/online presence but are troubled by many questions. These questions include how they should go about adopting it into their business model? Who should they collaborate with or should they try it on their own? When is the best time to start? Where to begin building an ecommerce brand? These are the burning questions and challenges that forces the SME owner to adopt a “wait and see” and/or “trial and error” approach, which is costing huge opportunity (sales, market, presence, brand etc) losses.

2) Please tell us more about the latest product launch and how you are teaming up with Fusionex in offering this latest analytics solution, Fusionex ANT.

Stan: Fusionex ANT for SME is a joint effort between Convedge SB and Fusionex International. This is the FIRST and ONLY ecommerce platform that promotes SME’s OWN online brand presence, and backed by revolutionary BigData Analytics to help the SME owner to know their customer better (Customer intimacy). Fusionex ANT for SME’s allows linkages between SME businesses and their customers as we provide the most comprehensive e-commerce platform to allow the SME to connect directly with their customers digitally, by understanding their online purchase behaviours, loyalty and digital life-style engagements. We drive potential and interested customers to the SME business’s own online channels instead of to a common market place, which, we found, would actually drive their customers away instead. Thus, with the objective of helping the SME to build their OWN online brand presence, we decided to offer Fusionex ANT for the SME, with an affordable low entry price of only RM16 per day.

3) We are led to believe that ANT is derived from the ‘ant’ in GIANT 2017. Is this true and how did it come to be?

Stan: Yes, this is very true and very coincidental! GIANT is our BDA offering for enterprises around the world, and when we were thinking of a brand name for SME, ANT appeared ( ANT = GIANT without the GI), which means an ant in BM. The ant is a very interesting creature that is small in size BUT extremely fast in movement (agility) and very strong too! New research published last month showed that the neck joint of a common field ant can withstand 5,000 times the ant’s weight!! ( This is the perfect description of how important it is to build the small local SME for the national economy and how significant ANT is in contributing to that end.

4) Are you planning to work with Fusionex on other projects in the future? Are there plans in the pipeline that you can share?

Stan: Definitely. BigData Analytics is still at its infancy stage for a lot of businesses and countries in the region. Which is why we are very focused and driven in striving for our objectives. Which is to bring BDA to Everyone! Please stay tuned to our announcements and we shall surprise you again, very soon!

6) Where do you see the big data and Data Analytics industry heading in ASEAN over the next 5 years?

Stan: I foresee ASEAN will be the BigData Anaytics Mega Powerhouse in the next 3-5 years time. Malaysia, with its strong government support towards a data driven economy and ASEAN as the most progressive economy growth continent, is surely a market that is not to be missed. We have a huge pool of young and highly digital engaged population that will shape how the WORLD economy will be. We are looking forward to our aim of BigData for Everyone to no longer be a dream, but a reality!

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